What You Should Know about Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Life can be unfair. If you or your loved one suffers injury or death due to the negligence of another, we want to right that wrong and bring some comfort to you. If you are thinking of filing a personal injury case, here are some things you should know.

1. Car Accidents are Not the Only Type of Personal Injury

Pop culture and movies will have you believe that car accidents constitute the bulk of personal injury cases, but the law covers any instance where a person suffers harm due to the negligence of another individual or entity. You can claim personal injury in cases of wrongful death, defective consumer products, dog bites, and unsafe work premises.

2. Personal Injury Lawsuits are For Your Protection

A personal injury or wrongful death is likely to put you in debt with medical bills, and you may be unable to work, not to mention all the emotional distress and pain it causes. Personal injury lawsuits are a way to secure your financial future and give you some peace of mind, so you can focus on healing.

3. Having a Lawyer Can Make All the Difference

A law degree means something. Anyone who gets a good lawyer is more likely to get a settlement. One study shows that over 90% of those who have a personal injury lawyer receive a settlement. A good lawyer knows the law like the back of their hand. They will know what will work in your favor and use that to fight for you.

4. Don’t Wait to Find a Good Lawyer

Waiting too long before you get a lawyer may cost you valuable time and information. Getting a good personal injury lawyer right away will ensure that you still have a vivid memory of the details of the accident, and it will also be easier to get hold of any witnesses, video evidence, or receipts.
Additionally, without your lawyer present, you may reveal more than you need to the claims adjuster, or you may not correctly document your injury. A good personal injury lawyer will help you avoid these pitfalls. The lawyer can speak to the insurance representative on your behalf.

5. Consult with Your Lawyer

Once you’ve secured your lawyer, seek their valuable advice every step of the way. Just as you shouldn’t talk to anyone without consulting your lawyer first, be sure not to sign anything unless you’ve read it thoroughly and shown it to your personal injury lawyer.
Insurance companies might try to get you to settle a personal injury lawsuit for far less than what it might be worth. They may try to put on a friendly act, but they don’t work for you. Their interests lie with their company, and they want to get away with paying you as little as possible. Don’t let that happen.

6. There are Two Paths for Personal Injury Lawsuits

There are two ways to settle personal injury lawsuits. The first is that the two parties may get together and discuss an amount that is agreeable to both. If this works, it is called settling out of court. The second path is if settling out of court does not work. In that situation, the case goes to trial where a judge and jury decide how much money you are owed. Juries are often sympathetic and likely to award plaintiffs a higher amount than what they would have gotten out of court.

7. Proving Negligence is Essential

It is paramount that negligence on the part of the other party is established. It has to be shown, without a shadow of a doubt, that the injury or death was a result of the other party’s lack of care or attention. The entire case hinges on this. If done deftly enough, you may receive compensation for your medical expenses, loss of job, emotional distress, and other things that the injury cost you.

8. Personal Injury Cases are Long

We’re not going to lie to you; these cases are not swift. It can take months or even years to get your dues. Insurance companies will try to stall the process in any way they can in the hopes that you will get tired of waiting and accept their low-ball offer. Don’t settle for less than what your case is worth. Our personal injury lawyers will fight for you to ensure that you get the best possible deal. It’s worth the wait.

9. Monetary Compensation Depends on the Case

Several factors come into play when putting a monetary value on a claim. The extent of the injury, the severity of the negligence, and other circumstances of the accident all impact how much compensation is demanded in a lawsuit. Though we can’t give you a number without reviewing the details of the case, we can tell you that the Law Office of C. Gregory Coburn has a proven track record of triumphs, and it’s always good to have the winners fighting for you.

10. Filing Your Personal Injury Claim Can’t Wait

There’s a deadline after which you can’t file a personal injury lawsuit. Each state has a different ruling on this. Research what the statute is in your state and don’t delay in getting in touch with a lawyer within the required timeframe to give your case the best chance of success.

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