What Happens if I’m Charged with a Criminal Offense While Visiting Ocean City, MD?

With summer in full swing, a fun vacation to Maryland’s Ocean City can turn sour quickly if you are suddenly facing criminal or traffic charges. Whether that’s for criminal charges such as disorderly conduct, assault, theft, drug crimes, traffic charges such as a DUI or DWI after a night at the local bars, traffic violations, or other misdemeanors or felonies another misdemeanor or felony, all can have serious consequences once you leave Ocean City to go back home.

Who has jurisdiction in such a case? The state in which the accused crime occurred has the right to prosecute you. In the event that you are charged with a criminal offense in Ocean City, but live elsewhere, you will have to answer for those charges in court in Ocean City Maryland. But then what? Talk with an experienced local criminal defence lawyer in Ocean City for the guidance and representation your case requires.

What Happens Next?

Trying to resolve such charges from another state can be challenging, especially when you are required to appear in an Ocean City court to defend your case. If you are unable to appear on your court date a criminal defense lawyer can obtain a postponement or in certain types of misdemeanor cases, obtain an alternative disposition that may not require your presence in court.

What will be most convenient will be to enlist the help of a local defense attorney based in Ocean City, who has close contact with the courts to file paperwork required for your case quickly and have easy access to evidence. They will also be more readily available to talk with the prosecution and presiding judge on your behalf.

In case your criminal charges are more serious, payment of bail will most likely be required if you live out of state. You will need to appear in Ocean City district court or other courts in Worcester County on your scheduled court date to obtain a refund of your bail. Otherwise, the bail can be forfeited to the state of Maryland unless you appear in court within a certain period of time, determined by the court. Often a failure to appear or have an attorney appear on your behalf will result in your arrest.

Some Ways to Help Avoid Criminal Charges While on Vacation Out of State

Before being charged with a criminal offense, however, you can take some steps to help protect yourself from misdemeanors or felonies when you’re visiting Ocean City or another vacation spot. Such steps can include:

  • Being extra vigilant to obey all traffic laws, even ones that are seemingly small like making a complete stop at a stop sign or obeying the speed limit. It’s best not to give police officers any reason to pull you over.
  • Keeping your distance from an individual or group of people who seem prone to aggression, especially if you or they are intoxicated. Even just lightly bumping into a stranger can take a nosedive for the worse when your reasoning or theirs is inhibited.
  • Asking for consent. You can be charged with sexual assault if no verbal consent is given, so avoid situations where an individual is too impaired to give that consent.
  • Taking public transportation, taxis, Ubers, or Lyfts after drinking. Some of the most common traffic offenses we see in Ocean City are DUI charges. Avoid the need to hire a DUI attorney while in Ocean City by being safe and not driving if you feel impaired or intoxicated.

Finding a Reliable Ocean City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Should you find yourself facing criminal charges after a stay in Ocean City, you’ll want to work with a local defense lawyer who will communicate with you effectively, even across state lines. C. Gregory Coburn is just the attorney for the job. He’s been a criminal defense lawyer and DUI defense attorney in Ocean City, MD for 30+ years. His understanding of the local legal system and courts are invaluable to Ocean City visitors who find themselves charged with a crime.

Don’t let an out-of-state criminal or DUI charge negatively affect your life. Talk with C. Gregory Coburn in a free legal consultation regarding your case today.