Building a Defense Without a Statute of Limitations For Sexual Offenses

Sexual offenses can have serious, sometimes life altering consequences when filed, charged or conviced of charges of this nature are dificult to remove from one’s individual record. They can also be some of the most difficult to prove or disprove, depending on the facts, evidence, and timing of the case. Being informed is the best way to defend yourself from these types of allegations.

Categorizing Sexual Offenses in Ocean City, Maryland

As set forth by the state of Maryland, sexual offenses are divided into four degrees of offensive sexual activity. Sexual offensice and penalties are categories as first, second, or third degree felonies or forth degree misdeminors based on the type of sexual conduct an individual is alleged to commited. A number of factors such as the use of force or violence, displaying a weapon, the age of the victim, the lack of consent, the use of alcohol and/or the use of drugs to rendor the victim being physically or contioulsy unable to prevent the sexual contact from occuring.

The Statute of Limitations

Many crimes of a sexual nature including fellonies do not involve a statute of limitations. A statute of limitation simply means the amount of time the state has to initiate charges after the alleged sexual contact has occurred. If an individual complaines of unwanted sexual contact even occuring a long time before the complaint, the state of Maryland can and often will charge the individual who is alleged to start the sexual contact.

Common Instances of Sexual Offense

Being charged with a sexual offense can present serious, even lifelong ramifications and be difficult to handle without the experienced legal counsel and representation of an attorney. Common instances of less serious sexual offenses often include sexual harassment in the workplace, stalking, unsolicited sexual content sent via digital platforms, exploitation, and the use of sexually offensive or agressive language in a public setting or with an individual. If you have been accused of any such offense, it’s critical to seek experienced legal counsel as quickly as possible.

Building a Defense

In many cases, people do not come forward with cases of sexual offense for several years, either because of embarrassment, shame, trauma, or fear of further harm or financial loss. However, when no statute of limitations exists, facts, evidence, and motives can become extremely difficult to prove. If you’re currently being investigated for an alleged sexual offense, don’t wait! Know the law, know the facts, and know your rights. Contact the experienced attorneys at C Gregory Coburn Law to get the representation you need on your case.