Maryland Gun Possession Charges: Understanding the Laws and How To Respond

Gun laws vary widely from state to state in the US, and Maryland has some of the strictest. If you are a Maryland resident who owns, carries, or transports a handgun or other dangerous weapon, it’s imperative that you understand the rules and regulations set forth by the state to avoid inadvertently breaking any laws and avoid criminal infractions.

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Maryland Gun Possession Laws

In general, the state of Maryland prohibits anyone from possessing, carrying, or transporting firearms without a state-issued permit, except in locations which that person owns, leases, or resides within. There are a host of requirements that must be met in order to receive a gun permit, including being: an adult, clear of felony or misdemeanor convictions associated with prison sentences of more than one year, and no issues with controlled substances (check the official state website for the full list). To qualify for a permit, an applicant must also complete a state-provided firearm safety training course. Maryland gun permits must be renewed every three years.

Maryland Gun Carry Laws

In order to carry a firearm in Maryland, either open or concealed, an individual must also possess a valid Maryland Wear/Carry Handgun Permit, available to applicants 21 years or older who can demonstrate a “good and substantial” reason to carry a handgun. Maryland does not honor concealed carry permits from any other state.

Even with this permit, guns are still not allowed at a variety of locations including public schools and child care centers as well as state-owned property including buildings, parks, forests, and rest stops.

If You’re Charged

Unless you meet one of several predetermined exceptions (i.e. you’re on your own property, are transporting unloaded handguns in enclosed cases to a shooting range, or are authorized to have a firearm at your place of employment), carrying a handgun without a permit is a misdemeanor in Maryland, and could lead to imprisonment for 30 days up to 3 years and/or a mandatory fine ranging from $250 to $2500. These punishments are serious, and increase for repeat offenders or those who were caught carrying with malicious intent.

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