Charged With Gun Possession? Here’s What You Need to Know

Maryland has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. When facing the charge of illegal possesion with a handgun, hire the experience and legal skill of C. Gregory Coburn Law firm in Ocean City, MD to represent and defend you on these serious criminal charges.

Understanding the Laws Regarding Unregistered Firearms

The gun laws in Maryland are designed to minimize or eliminate gun violence throughout the state. It is not legal to own any kind of firearm or destructive device, including a machine gun or sawed off shotgun or rifle, whether you live in or are visiting Maryland.

If you are charged with and found guilty of the unlawful possession of a fire arm, you can face a variety of penalties which include jail sentence, probation, confiscation of the weapon, and steep monitary penalties. Any of these penalties will effect your criminal background, potential employement, as well as your ability to obtain a loan or housing. Don’t attempt to defend such serious charges without the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Our attorneys at C. Gregory Coburn Law have the most experience and highest success rates. Don’t go into a criminal defense case alone.

Using the Stet Docket

An alternative to possible encarceration may involve placing the case on the Stet Docket(the inactive docket). Having the case placed on the stet docket could require community service in order to eventually having the weapons charge dismissed.

If conditions of the stet are satified, encarceration could be avoided and the charges could be dismissed and eventually erased from an individuals crimial record.

Taking advantage of this disposition requires you to retain an experienced lawyer. Good legal counsel can guide you toward fulfilling the requirements of the program and having your case thrown out of court for good.

Penalties for Illegal Firearm Possession

If you are found guilty of illegally possesing a firearm in Maryland, you can face any number of punishments. The penalties depend on whether or not you have been found guilty of a state offense.

A state conviction can result in a prison term of up to 10 years. A first offense, however,  is charged as a misdemeanor, and the maximum term in jail is three years.

If a person has a prior conviction for a crime or violance of the weapon he used in felony drug distribution, the penalties become extremely severe and can result in encarceration for 10 year. And the the fines could increase up to $10,000.

Serving time in prison can be among the worst penalties that you face for owning an unregistered firearm in Maryland. While it’s not nearly as demoralizing, you may also have to pay huge fines that can have devastating financial consequences.

Defending these charges calls for the legal help of an experienced attorney. Contact C. Gregory Coburn today to consult with a experienced criminal defense attorney ready to zelosly defend your case, protect your freedom, and most importantly, make every effort to mimnimize the effect a weapons conviction has on a person’s life.