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Defense Attorney for Criminal, DUI, Traffic, Real Estate, Civil and Business Law Cases in Ocean City, MD

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Criminal Law

During his time as an Ocean City attorney, C. Gregory Coburn has provided legal defense for hundreds of clients throughout his nearly three decades as a criminal defense lawyer. He has seen it all, and he can help. In need of a criminal lawyer, click below to read more.

Glass of whiskey sits next to pair of handcuffs and car keys to signify drinking and driving or DUI charges


As your DUI attorney in Ocean City MD, our attorney Gregory Coburn will gather the detailed information that pertains to your DUI case and investigate your arrest. In need of a DUI lawyer, click below to read more.

Cars merge onto highway, some speeding and in danger of incurring traffic violations

Traffic Law

The Law Office of C. Gregory Coburn has provided personalized legal assistance for traffic violations in Ocean City, MD since 1988. An experienced attorney can guide you through the court process and make sure your legal rights are respected. In need of a traffic lawyer, click below to read more.

Keys to new house sit on top of contract to represent real estate law attorney

Real Estate Law

If you’re planning one of the most important financial decisions in your life, don’t leave your real estate legal matters to chance. Our law office provides real estate legal assistance for buyers and sellers in Ocean City, MD. In need of a real estate attorney, click below to read more.

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Civil and Business Law

Do you need a civil attorney?  Are involved in a dispute and are thinking of taking it to court, or are you are being sued? Contact Gregory Coburn for a complimentary consultation. With nearly 3 decades as an attorney in Ocean City, we can help. Click below to read more.