Criminal Law: Weapons Charges

Legal Defense in Ocean City, MD for Handgun and Firearm Violations

Maryland gun laws are notorious for being strictly enforced, especially when compared with other states. For this and other reasons, firearm and gun charges are common in the state both for residents and local visitors.

When you are faced with handgun and weapons charges in Ocean City, MD, call The Law Office of C. Gregory Coburn to help fight for your second amendment rights. Our seasoned lawyer has defended clients in gun-related cases for over 30 years. You need a qualified criminal defense attorney on your side to help dismiss or decrease charges.

Such weapons offenses include:

  • Uses of a Handgun in the Commission of a Felony
  • Illegal Possession of a Firearm
  • Transporting a Weapon in a Vehicle without a Permit
  • Illegal Discharge of a Gun
  • Illegal Possession of Weapon of a Knife, Brass Knuckles, and Certain Martial Art Equipment

Get in touch with our law firm when you’ve been charged with a weapons, firearms, or gun crime. Contact C. Gregory Coburn for just representation in Maryland.